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PTT | Research

The exclusive publication for Mark Gomes' official "Poised To Triple" selections. PTT's flagship Research Newsletter showcases commentary and picks from PTT's growing stable of professional stock analysts in rotation. PTT's Research Newsletter also features Mr. Gomes' market commentary, updates, and educational content.
Mark Gomes | Pipeline
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Mark Gomes | Pipeline

Mark Gomes' exclusive premium newsletter. Each week, Mr. Gomes introduces Pipeline subscribers to a new stock in his personal portfolio, including candidate stocks that may become official "Poised To Triple" selections.

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Matt Margolis | Forensics

Matt Margolis' exclusive premium newsletter. Each week, Mr. Margolis introduces Forensics subscribers to in-depth and groundbreaking insights on some of the most promising tech stocks. Mr. Margolis' work is widely followed by professional money managers and several Wall Street analysts. The reason is clear. Mr. Margolis' approach is to leverage extensive forensic techniques to the identification, collection, examination, and analysis of data in ways that uncover truly unique insights about a company.
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Jonathan Fishman | Solar

Jonathan Fishman's exclusive premium newsletter. Each week, Mr. Fishman introduces Solar subscribers to in-depth and groundbreaking insights on some of the most promising solar stocks. Prior to joining PTT Research, Mr. Fishman was head analyst for a boutique fund in Israel, where he continues to reside. He has delivered market winning results consistently, covering many sectors including his favorites -- Solar, Technology and Semi s. Jonathan's broad perspective enables him to “connect the dots” (which Wall Street miserably fails to do).