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Matt’s professional working experience has spanned across accounting, audit and corporate financial analysis and budgeting for billion-dollar companies (both private and publicly traded entities). This professional background gives Matt an advantage over most investors because it enables him to understand operational and financial strategies that allow him to strategically model the future financial performance of the companies he follows.

His method focuses on completing financial models and situational analyses to determine the valuation of publicly-traded companies. His independent analysis is based on a comprehensive review of micro and macro conditions, product pipeline, competitors and the latest industry trends.


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Anthony Wing Kosner
In an impressive, well-researched post on the Seeking Alpha investor blog, Matt Margolis puts together the diverse pieces of the puzzle and comes to the convincing conclusion that more than just growing sapphire will be going on at Apple’s new 1.3 million square foot plant in Mesa, AZ.

2014 Performance (as of 5/28/14)

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Initial Price

Current / Final Price

Current / Final ROI

Peak Price

Peak ROI

GT Advanced Technologies *








Micron Technology *









93 days


Will iPhone 6 Improve Battery Life By Inscribing Solar Cells In Sapphire Glass-Coated Screens?
"In an impressive, well-researched post on the Seeking Alpha investor blog, Matt Margolis puts together the diverse pieces of the puzzle..." 1/26/14
GTAT: Ready to Rock

"Matt Margolis, a contributor at Seeking Alpha, has become something of an internet sensation by publishing strong speculative evidence that Apple is using sapphire technology from GTAT.." 3/23/14

Apple Closer to Mass Producing Sapphire Displays, Report Says

"Analyst Matt Margolis, unveiled that the iPhone maker recently placed a large order with GT Advanced Technologies for furnaces and chambers used in making sapphire displays." 2/06/14



  • "Matt, I have read you for over a year and have been amazed at what you can dig up"
    Vivian R.
  • "Matt Margolis and his Obscure Analyst blog has put in hundreds of hours of research covering Apple and GT Advanced Technologies to support the business case for investment. As a career retired CPA, financial analyst, financial auditor and also IT auditor, I appreciate the way Matt lays down his sources and references with meticulous detail. He offers his opinions and conclusions based on these researched findings, and begs others to follow along to reach their own conclusions and do their own due diligence. I personally want to thank you in advance for your remarkable efforts and how it has helped me become knowledgeable on GT Advanced Technologies, now one of my biggest holdings (from under $10/share.) Matt, I have been doing my own investments for over 20 years now, with considerable success. I look forward to seeing this gem growing over the next few years into the company you have described so well."
  • "I really thank you for sharing your insight and analysis, and in particular, the way you substantiate your points. The key to making big bucks in trading is investing in a stock before it's value becomes obvious, and you certainly have uncovered some gems early on."
    ~Anonymous (name removed upon request)
  • "I am so glad I discovered you and your work. Your research is a clear demarcation from the traditional analyst associated with a large institution. The research you do and share is a refreshing twist to the analyst business. Hopefully the market will reward you and you will be vindicated!"
    Patrick B.

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