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Why The Dissertation Introduction Is The Most Important Part Of The Paper

Many students get fewer marks than they deserve in their dissertation projects because they do not understand the value of writing a winning introduction. They create papers whose dissertation introduction tense, structure and style are not captivating. As a result, the person who reads the paper switches off as soon as the paper starts and convincing them that it is worth top marks later on in the sections such as the discussion becomes an impossible task.

Below are some of the tips which can help you create the perfect dissertation introduction sample.

Keeping it brief

The first mistake that students make is thinking that the introduction is their opportunity to summarize the entire paper. This becomes a problem because the moment you start veering into the details of the project which you are writing, it becomes extremely difficult to keep the introduction brief. You also get tempted to discuss everything about the paper in that one page of the document, and this does not work well for the flow and the length. Ideally, the introduction should be a little sneak peek into the problem, and the dissertation introduction outline should be simple and yet effective.

Use accurate material

The other mistake which students make when they are hurrying through the introduction is assuming that the truth and facts of the introduction are less important than other chapters such as the discussion. They, therefore, end up writing up paragraphs with mistakes such as claims which are not cited properly, or backed by any sensible data. The dissertation introduction length increases when the student is spinning tales with no backup. Before writing the introduction, make sure that all the data in it is accurate and well cited. This will create a positive first impression to the person who will be grading and reviewing the paper.

Adapt the material to the audience

One trick that many students never learn is that every tutor or lecturer will have the list of things that they like in an academic paper. They will also have a list of things which they highly dislike when included in the paper. Before you start creating the dissertation introduction chapter outline, look at the preferences of the panel which will be reviewing the document. Strive to present the information in a manner which appeals to them, and you will captivate them to want to read more of your paper.


The last thing that you need to remember when creating the introduction is that you need to create anticipation with your words. The best way to create this anticipation is by posing a question towards the end of the paragraph. This question should be closely tied to the thesis statement that you were given to base the paper on. As long as you follow these guidelines, you will create an introduction that captures the attention of the instructor and gets you good grades.

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