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How To Choose Exemplary Topics For Your Dissertation

A nice topic makes your work interesting to read. This is because it is the first part that your marker will come across and for you to make an impression then your topic has to be perfect. You therefore have to know what to look out for. In the next section I am going to provide you with the criteria of coming up with good higher education dissertation topics.

The title should be interesting

Have you ever tried to watch a boring movie? You will always find yourself dozing off. Imagine the kind of disaster you will be brewing once you choose a boring title. When you come across a dissertation topics list, ask yourself do I have knowledge on this subject and is this something that if asked to do I will repeat over and over again. Once you answer the above questions then you will be good.

Is it researchable?

The knowledge you have is never enough when it comes to dissertation writing and that is why you should first do a background check on the title. Psychology topics that have little information can be quite frustrating since you will get and some point and fail to progress not because you are stupid or something but because you have exhausted all ideas. Pick a researchable topic.

The topic should answer the questions how what when and where

A title should be able to tell the reader what your paper is all about, where the research is going to take place, how you are going to conduct and what time the research is going to take place. A topic that does not answer the question above should be considered ambiguous and avoided at all costs. Find dissertation topic examples for you to understand more.

It should be brief

Different institutions have different word limits for the title. Before you begin your paper ensure that you consult. All in all, a good title should be brief simple and clear. This is because you may not want to tire the maker at the start of your paper.


Coming up with a good dissertation topic for MBA is not a joke. This does not however mean that if it is hard for you then everybody feels the same way about dissertation titles. There might be that friend of yours who can help you come up with a good one. You can later return the favor by helping them in another subject. Apart from your colleague, the supervisor can also help you with suggestions if you have no idea.

It should not have too much workload

There are some dissertation topics in organizational leadership that have too many details that you will have to do extensive research. This would mean that you will allocate less time for actual writing. Such topics should not be used. Also avoid titles that will require you to travel outside the country since much time may be spent travelling. Assess the topic workload before settling on it.