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Meet Mark Gomes
Meet Mark

Meet Mark Gomes

Mark Gomes is a 20+ year veteran of Wall Street, and a highly successful technology stock analyst. His utilization of IT purchasing data has been a hallmark of his investment methodology. Mr. Gomes was most recently credited with assembling evidence that identified Himax (HIMX) as the technology behind Google Glass.

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Bruce Pitman
I am relatively new to PTT. I am impressed with what is available to members on your site. I am a big fan of Mark Gomes on this site and Seeking Alpha. I will be using PTT on a regular basis from now on.
Roger Oesterling
PTT provides non-professional investors an excellent starting point to do their own research on new investment prospects and markets. Their continued and timely follow-up on their recommendations is very helpful in understanding the current potential of their recommendations. Their guidance has helped me have confidence with my long term positions in HIMX and PXLW. Additionally I have uncovered additional players in the same markets in which PTT has made recommendations.